Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Grade 6 update

My last update on Jackson was halfway through the school year (but just posted a few weeks ago).  A lot has happened since then.  

Jackson continues to be an enthusiastic member of the advanced band at his school. He practices usually without complaint.  He also, until the last few weeks, got up early every Monday and Thursday for band practices, quite bright eyed and bushy tailed. I cannot say the same for his mother.

In fact his interest in music has morphed into an interest in taking piano lessons.  I have avoided signing my kids up for piano lessons I wasn't sure they wanted -- a hangover of 10 years of piano lessons I took as a child.  But in music class they learned a few chords and now Jackson is composing songs.  It is pretty rudimentary but he is asking for lessons! I know he and I would both die a thousand deaths by Royal Conservatory lessons, so I have arranged some awesome lessons by a friend who will build on his interest in composing and teach him chords.  Absolutely no required practicing -- this is strictly for his pleasure and interest.

Turns out home economics is not strength.  Apparently, he did okay on the cooking portion of the course, but he perpetually forgot to hand in the sheets as required.  Nearing the end of the cooking half of the class, he had handed in about 3 out of 16 sheets. He did remarkably well on those three, I will say. The sewing part of the class, was more of a challenge.  What he did looked pretty good, but he did not get his project finished. His teacher said on his report card that he was distracted by classmates.  That didn't quite ring true to me. I asked Jackson and he said it was more of a matter of his sewing-machine-mate making the executive decision that Jackson would use the machine only after his partner had finished his project and the term ended before Jackson got his gym bag finished.   Alas, he has a mother whose skills parallel his own and so I am of no use in the sewing department. I have been known to use staples and duct tape rather that sew up a falling hem.

Jackson's interest in science, in particular astrophysics, continues to be keen and there are a lot of discussions in our house about how the world will end --  neutron star versus sun exploding. Actually "discussions" is too strong of a term unless Husband is at home. More of a lecture series.  Unfortunately his interest at science falls short of remembering to hand in science sheets at school.

All in all, we are pleased to have survived grade six.  We were not prepared for the level of time management required for middle school and but we have clearly defined goals for grade seven.  I will be looking for a tattoo parlor this summer to tattoo on the back of Jackson's hand "HAND IN HOMEWORK!!!!".

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