Thursday, June 20, 2013

Where are they now: Grade 6 Edition

[written last January]

Time is flying and my ability to blog seems more limited these days.

But we are halfway through the school year and I take this time to reflect on the people my kids are becoming.

Jackson is now one sixth of the way through middle school.   It's therapeutic for me to remember that middle school will not last forever. It is also helpful for me to hear from other parents that they not only survived middle school, but they acknowledge that it's and and importantly, high school is way easier. (At this point I accept this with blind faith because I need to).

What have I learned? Well, he still really likes playing the clarinet and according to his band instructor, he is really good at it.  Rare is the day he complains about early morning practices.

He is also really good at shop, or tech ed as they call it these days. My goals for Jackson in his shop rotation was for him to emerge with 10 fingers completely in tact. You would not believe the industrial power tools they allowed my ten year old to use! He make an amazing and original treasures box that he was asked to show off to the principal and vice principal (I suppose everyone might be asked to do that, but I pretend not).

Jackson has made quite a few new friends, thanks to his full time job of being a Minecraft gamer. He is a pretty quiet kid outside our house so it is wonderful to know that he can make friends.

Jackson's memory, or more precisely lack thereof, continues to be a challenge in dealing with school. Water bottles, hoodies and gym strip are frequently fished out the the lost and found, or are permanently MIA.

I was ready to splurge and buy myself a full set of grade 6 textbooks because three times last fall he came home the day before a test without the texts to study.

But, but, but, he keeps track of and cares for his laptop, his clarinet and his cell phone.  I guess what I really need to do is add a cord and recharging capability to his textbooks and he might treat them like electronics.

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