Thursday, June 20, 2013


This is the longest period I have ever gone without blogging. To what do I attribute my absence?

I could tell you, truthfully, that the rigours of a kid in middle school have impacted my schedule. Car pool, increased homework supervision and adapting to having two kids in two schools have left less time in the day.

But a couple other factors have had a greater effect: first, my kids are more reticent to my sharing of their journeys.  I try to focus on my journey, but sometimes the two intersect and sometimes I just can't help myself.  I think when my kids come to me to talk about my breaching their privacy, I may have slipped over the line.

Second, I experienced a pretty strong and negative judgment of my parenting last fall.  When you write a blog, you certainly put yourself out there and criticism is one of the things that can and does come. 

One of the reasons I started this blog, and kept writing it, (apart from the obvious and palpable need for therapy) is that the parenting road is not always easy and is sometime downright excruciating.   While I felt that many felt the same way, it was contrasted to a perception exists that for everyone else parenting is fun and rewarding. 

So many people ask  "has anyone else had to extract a Flintstones vitamin out of a nose this week? Twice?" or "does anyone else also dread teacher professional development days?"

I would like to rather emphatically and graphically say "YES!"  While there may be a few parents out there who have it easy (I am not sure I have met one) most of us have days where we struggle, or even try to quit.

And I want to demonstrate and give voice to the idea that it is hard and that there is comfort and safety in numbers.

While I think the scars has formed over the most recent wound of judgment , I am going to dip my toe back into the blogging pool, and see how it goes.


Chandni Appadurai said...

Dear Heather, I really enjoy your blog posts very much, especially, the ones where parenting is involved. They are hilariously funny, endearing, read like a thriller(you want to know how the issue was resolved), and most of all, they are real. Your candid portrayal of being a parent in today's time really strikes a cord with so many of us. I applaud you for your wonderful blog and hope you continue for a long time. Thank you.

Sherry said...

Keep on as you have, Heather. I appreciate your honesty and (sadly?) relate to it all too well.

I think similar thoughts about marriage: if we don't talk about the struggles to remain "happily" married, will people really believe that for most people marriage comes easily? Then, when they come to a rough patch, will they assume that it never happens to others, and their marriage is "bad"?

You are doing a great service to all of use trying to survive our blessings!