Sunday, January 20, 2013


Of all the things I have done as a mother, the thing I have accomplished best is photograph my children growing up. 

In their first year of life, I took a picture of them every week and every special occasion and put them in mini photo albums. The first year is of course the most remarkable and I have frame by frame evidence to prove it.  I have framed pictures of the kids in their first year. I have pictures taken of both kids at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and a year.

Everywhere along the way I have photos. First day of school, last day of school,  Halloween costumes, Christmas outfits, lost teeth, first camping trip I have documented it all.

I get even the less popular milestones.

Like the don't-you-dare-put-me-in-this-car-seat tantrum: 
Or the I-told-you-bad-things-would-happen-it-you-put-that-thing-around-my-head glare:
And my kids are extremely accommodating. They pose for pictures. They repose for pictures when the sun was bad or I had the camera on the wrong setting. They endure costume changes, my changing my mind about the best background for the shot.  They allow me to take endless combinations of people with only the occasional groan.  

You can imagine when a once in a lifetime event happens, like moving on from elementary school I can go a little nuts.  With a 150 pictures taken for a kid's birthday, which happens every year, for a big milestone, it's gonna mean a lot of pictures.

For each pose there are 4 to 10 shots taken. Here a few samples:
 Before school:
  Before school, closeup:
Before school, with Sydney:
During ceremony:
Slide show: Jackson Kindergarten
(yes, I took a picture of a picture):
Slide show: Jackson grade 5
 After ceremony, with Opa:
with Sydney
 with Opa and Sydney
with Daddy:
with Mommy:
with family:
 with Kindergarten through grade 2 teacher:
with grade 5 teacher
(what?!?! I missed grade 3 and 4 teachers?):
At home:
At home, close up:
At home with family:
At home with Sydney:
At home with Finnegan
(who is much less obliging):
At restaurant celebrating with Opa:
At restaurant, solo:
At restaurant with Mommy
(what? I missed Daddy on this round):
But every 10 year old boy has his limit. Somehow I got to the end of the day's festivities and realized I did not have one photo with the honoured boy and Mommy and Daddy together.  I had to rectify this.  Back home after our special dinner out, I begged for just one more photo:
 A picture is worth a thousand words.

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