Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shock and Awe: Tween Edition

I suppose now that Jackson is eleven, I have to acknowledge that he is a legitimate tween.  I have thus far resisted, though he has been claiming to be a tween since 9.

To celebrate, we decided to treat Jackson to a day of surprises. We presented the idea over breakfast:
He was not as keen about solving the puzzle as I was about making them.
However, he played my game and after a ridiculous amount of hints figured out that this
... meant the candy store.
And that this ...
meant ...

I have to admit this one was a little more challenging
But a little hard work in the back of the car ...
... and he worked it out.
  Be one with the ball ...
 In our defence (Jackson is leading, Sydney is second. I am last), they had gutter guards. 
And John and I are convinced that the alley was not level. 
Next stop:
(I hate these places) 
This was "play with Sydney".
(Jackson got to pick the games at home and Sydney was not allowed to complain about it).
I don't have a picture of them playing  as I was too exhausted by then.
And the final event ...
Movie and pizza.
We had a few friends come by. Jackson has to guess who each guess was with this very clever  disguise gamers will recognize.
After pizza, we chose an old school special effects movie:
It was a big hit
(we have not yet heard about how many shark related nightmares may have resulted).
Final step was some birthday pie
Happy birthday J Boy! Can't wait to see what the next year holds!

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