Sunday, November 11, 2012

Murder Myster

Quite a lot of excitement at our house last night. There was a murder.
The suspects:
Randi, the up and coming actress (who obviously has a mother who lets her wear a LOT of makeup)
Rog, son of the deceased Sir Roger.  Student of architecture and mountain climber. 
 Dr. Mal, who obviously could not attend to the dying with a fake stethoscope.
 Pro, lawyer and golfer extraordinaire.
Wait a sec, I don't remember a dog being cast ....
Donny the successful businessman.
Flo, his wife and heir to the eye shadow fortune (her mother allows her to wear a lot of makeup too!).
Shirleen Holmes, budding detective,  
Ali, the successful novelist and
E. the former private and confidential secretary to Sir Roger 
There were clues ...
cocktails ...
 drama and intrigue ...
and many suspicious characters!
And great fun!!

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