Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What My Children Teach Me ...

Recently, Jackson seemed to be a little too interested in one particular computer game (Minecraft if you must know).  He was playing at home, at school during breaks (and non breaks). So, for one week, we told him he could take his laptop to school, but only if he was actually going to do school work. (He has some projects on the go already using software so keeping it at home wasn't a good option). We told him only to bring it out when he was working on one of the projects and not to have it open and ready to go as that might be too tempting to Google Gangnam style on YouTube or something. 

This news was unwelcome. 

In a show of good faith, I told him I would not use the Internet while at work either for that week.  This was in the heat of the presidential debate season and believe me I had plenty of things to follow.  So this hurt. It is quite amazing how much easier it is to focus when you do not have to monitor any new polls released, any breaking news of Republicans back pedalling over "rape" comments or Democrats looking for new ways to spin the whole Libya response.

And you know what? I actually enjoyed catching up at night.  I could systematically go through my news and blog sites, polling reports and had a good picture of what happened that day.

Sydney for her part, has a struggle I know all too well: messy handwriting due to rushing through her work. I believe for every report card from kindergarten on had a reference was made to sloppy handwriting.  So I told Sydney to S-L-O-W down as I know she has lovely printing and handwriting when she takes a little extra time. 

Every assistant I have had, all tasked with reading my handwriting, could tell you that I should really take some of my own advice.  I sometimes have trouble reading my own writing so I go to my previous assistant with wizardly deciphering skills and ask her to decode.

So I have been deliberately trying to slow down and make my writing legible.   Sydney wants my assistant to give me a mark on how I am doing.  I think my mid term marks will be poor, but I'm hoping to bring up my average by the final.

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