Sunday, September 30, 2012

Things I Did Not Know to Worry About.

Middle school has introduced me to a whole new level of worry. 

Of course, this year the kids are theoretically responsible for more.  I worry that he won't manage.  But Jackson is getting better. He lost his gym shirt and the novel he was reading one week, but he found them both without my resorting to rooting through the lost and found box.  I think most days he has brought home the homework he needs.

Jackson is in a programme that has a lot of projects.  Our home laptop was due for replacement so it made sense to get one that Jackson could take to school.  We had an epic 'which one do we buy' discussion that lasted for weeks.  We ended up with a Mac Air as it will sync with our i Mac desktop.

But the night before Jackson took it to school, I was literally up at night, worried he would leave it in the cafeteria, drop it in a urinal or knock it off his desk.   I was up late googling for the GPS feature to see whether we could track it if it was lost or stolen.  (I have since found it a shell which is supposed to absorb some of the shocks). 

But what I was most unprepared for was one of the non academic course. Jackson came home from school the first full week of school that he found out his 'exploration' schedule. The students have 4 explorations or courses they take: computers, music, home ed and tech ed.  Tech ed is what we old-schoolers call shop.  The J Boy was quite excited. I was too -- his Daddy enjoyed shop very much.  This is what middle school is all about!

On meet-the-teacher night, we went to the shop room and I saw it: very, very scary machines. Saws, drill presses, industrial sanders.  I started to feel a little queasy and in need of fresh air. My TEN YEAR OLD SON, who can't remember to flush the toilet, is going to be relied on to remember to put up the finger saving safety guard on the scroll saw?  What about his clarinet aspirations? He needs all ten fingers for that!

It is now that I really miss my Mom. Mom would have prayed for the safey of his digits precisely during the sixth block, that 40 minutes when he needs protection.

I do a finger check every day when he gets home. So far, so good.  I think he has done the sawing on his project, and it on to sanding.

I will be relieved when he moves on to home ec.  But I will have to worry about him sewing his finger to his apron, or burning his hand on the oven ....

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Eschelle Westwood said...

I did shop my entire way threw high school, don't worry :) worst I ever saw was a kid who got his finger sanded. No lost digits, though finger safety might have been really prominent since out shop teacher has a disfigured pinky finger from having it chopped :S pinky would go out at the first knuckle... pretty nasty