Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to School Art

It's that time of year ....
What happened to my babies?
Almost taller than lampost!
Grade 4 attitude.
Close ups reveal "get kids haircuts" omitted from my to-do list.
Flower hair accessories, very big this year.
We were up early so I could "curl" Sydney's hair.
And then I made time for hair cuts.
Annual back-to-school dinner:
Home made belgian waffles and raspberry compote. And whipping cream from a can.
Reading their back-to-school letters. 
I am surprised how happy they are to read themevery year.

Here's to another great year at school!
And my favourite.


Beth said...

adorable ...

Daniel said...

the annual photo. we are never in the same place year to year! different lifestyles! you should post samples of years gone by, same time, same place.