Sunday, September 23, 2012

All I Can Say Is Wow. The Insanity Edition.

Usually the first weeks of school are busy.Not this year.

I was heart-stopping, mind-blowing, gut-wrenching chaos.

I still am not sure why. 

Other years, the first week of school finds our kids in temporary classes.  Doing art, getting exercise and socializing. Every year I complain that it is three more days of summer only I get to send the kids to school.

This year for the first time since we've been at the elementary school (this is year 7), they put the kids in their classes on the first full day of school -- the Wednesday.   This meant I had to marshal school supplies, organize gym strip, read planners and fill out forms. All these tasks are normally reserved for the chaos of week 2. 

Of course Jackson is in middle school. We found out his teacher and class on his day one (90 minutes long) and they hit the ground running the next day. Forms requiring information and cheques. They had picture day on the second full day of school. Seriously? Some years I don't have the back-to-school haircuts done yet.  At the last second I remembered and pleaded with Jackson to trade his stretched out t shirt for a navy and kelly green sweater, which was almost clean and just a little wrinkly.  Jackson came home from school with the news that at middle school they use a green screen and he would have to do re-takes. (fortunately, green screen technology has advanced and the pictures actually worked out). 

It was day 2 they they assigned the first project of the year.  Which we forgot about that first weekend because usually we don't see any homework until October. 

We capped off that first week with a Friday early morning band meeting for Jackson. Followed by the news that band started Monday morning (despite the fact that no instruments would be distributed for 2 weeks).

This had the domino effect of upsetting the car pool apple cart, which we had sorted out in great detailed attention.

First week of school was supposed to have been  an easy landing as the second week had the advent of activities. Guides, jazz, stage for Sydney and band for Jackson. And clarinet practicing. Jackson had to deal with some uncertainly as to which band he would play in (beginner or advanced). He likes uncertainly about as much as the Dow Jones.

The evenings in week 2 were also intense as Jackson worked on his project and decided to use some experimental drawing programme. Jackson insert a photo for background that he could not resize. Husband and I both graduated from the trial and error school of learning software. We're pretty good at figuring things out. Jackson saw us making reversible errors in our attempt to help and blew a gasket expressed concern. He eventually worked it out.   I believe Husband and I both went to bed that night with a bottle of wine.

Add to this meet-the-teacher night in two schools and some feverish and futile attempts to arrange childcare for Sydney after school. Oh and plan Sydney's birthday party with a movie theatre that refused to return phone calls or respond to on line requests for birthday parties.

At the end of the week,  I was feeling pretty proud of myself. Sure I did have a mountain of school paper work to do. I had to find a recorder for Sydney, a clarinet teacher for Jackson, hunt for Sydney's old calculator. I needed a criminal record check, a driver's license abstract and had to tour and register for after school care for Sydney one day per week.  But apart from one more school meeting (band), one more picture day (Sydney), I think we were through the worst of September. 

(please send help)

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