Saturday, September 15, 2012

All. I. Can. Say. Is. Wow! Week 1

All I can say is wow.

The last three weeks have been a master class in multi tasking, ball juggling and calendar management.

It started the week before school started. I thought I was in pretty good shape.  I had the school supplies. We had back-to-school outfits chosen.  The car pool was in place for Jackson. We were ready, right?  Well I had to work one day, I was helping at VBS at our church (where the kids were attending for the mornings), this was all very do-able.

Then my tablet died.  This is not only the source of my entertainment, primarily reading commentary, news and blogs on the U.S. presidential race (the Repulican convention was that week), but the epicentre of the family organization. It has my Google calendar and my email. It is always with me.  So if I need to add an appointment to the calendar, I do it on the spot (at work, at school, at doctor's office). Without it, I had to remember guess if I had that slot free in the calendar. When I inevitably guessed wrong, I have to change appointment/ rearrange playdate.  If I am in the kitchen and remember I need to email about something, I do it immediately. Instead, now I had to climb a full set of stairs to get to the upstairs computer to check or send my email (is that how it was in the 1890's 1990's?)  I felt very disorganized. And off.

The only good news was that my tablet was under warranty and all I needed to do was find 36 minutes to drive to the Acer outlet to drop it off. I did not have 36 minutes times 2 for the round trip that week.

I did have a bunch of errands to do, including find pants for Jackson (subject of coming blog).

Sydney had a doctor's appointment an hour away (3 hours total time, including the extra 30 minutes in the waiting room in addition to the 30 minute appointment). This added more things to my to-do list:  the requirement of a blood test (second in a month) in addition to a hunt for a compound pharmacist. 

On top of this I remembered that Sydney did not have inside shoes for school. One other year, I forgot about the inside shoe requirement and went shoe shopping the first week of school. It wasn't pretty.  So Friday night of the Labour Day weekend was my deadline for shoe acquisition.

Friday night Sydney and I went to the mall. After a long debate about whether to get size 12 (fit right now only barely) or size 12.5 (don't quite fit) we find shoes (and an extra pair because I am the BOGO target market). I also remember she needed a body suit for dance and a few other things.  I was feeling pretty good about myself until I came home and discovered that last spring Sydney's inside shoes needed to be replaced and those still fit her.

I conveniently planned to pamper myself for the Labour Day weekend.  I had a spa appointment (a birthday gift from my "sisters") on Saturday and a haircut (downtown) on Sunday.  This might have worked, but Sydney was taking some medication she hated and was in a bit of a Mommy phase  (kind of like how Republicans are in a bit of a supply side economy stage). So every time I left the room, went to the bathroom or tried to reboot the laundry, there were plaintive cries of "Moooommmmy!?!?!?!"  You can well imagine how a 2 hour spa appointment and 3 hour hair appointment (including travel) went over.  You can also imagine how hard it is to get anything done.  They really need to make baby Bjorn's for almost 9 year olds.

We might have enjoyed a  more laid back weekend, only my family was coming over for brunch on the Monday. This meant not only did we have to clean the house  parts of the house people would see, we actually had to buy groceries to feed people. 

Add to that both John and I had responsibilities at church on Sunday. And it turned out Sydney had a tummy ache so one of us had to stay home.  So I went to church early, set some things up, came home and John went to church to do the rest.

Monday was a full on spring to get ready for the brunch at our house. It was delicious (everyone brought food) and only marred by Finnegan's insistence that her cousin doggy, Giselle, play.  She lives by the maxim "my house, my rules".  She took it badly that Giselle did not want to dog wrestle with her so we had to keep her on a leash, hold her in our laps or keep one dog outside.

We went to bed that night, with great anticipation, that the kids would be going back to school. Everything was going to calm down. Wasn't it?

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