Friday, September 28, 2012

Activity Day!

Activity day is always in June. After a run of rainy Junes, the school decided to move it to move June to September.
Rain was forecast.
But we got lucky.
A lot of creative waiting in line. 
The well-known elementary school triathalon: crab walk. 
 Scooter push
Run with beanbag on head. 
Some good old fashioned running (to the next event). 
A little balance ...
 Best thing about activity day?
It was an entirely new experience to have only one kid there! For the past 4 years I had 2 and it was always a mad dash to try and find them each in a few activities and get pictures. Even before that, I had Sydney as a toddler to keep track up.
Today I parachuted in for 20 minutes, took pictures and came home. 

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