Monday, August 6, 2012

When the Cats Are Away, the Mice Will Play...

With the kids away for an entire calendar week, we could not pass up the opportunity to get away.  With the doggy happily ensconced with my Dad for a few days (thanks Opa!!), we headed south of the border.  We booked an ocean side, balcony room.

Pretty sweet.

With the Olympics in full swing, we enjoyed the Olympics without the need of diverting the dog from a barking jag, separating the bickersons, changing the laundry or even making our own lunch.

We also did a little back-to-school shopping, picked up some of our favourites at Trader Joe's and enjoyed the hot tub each evening.

We had vast conversations of where to eat our next meal, managed a little exercise and enjoyed generally just being off the treadmill of family life.

We did learn that we are really bad at packing for ourselves.  I forgot my toothbrush, sunscreen and we both forgot our hats. Husband forgot his jacket and {gasp} laptop and iPod so we were reduced to having Internet access on only two devices instead of four.

The horror.

We left feeling refreshed and ready to hop back on the treadmill.  Hoping to keep the speed and incline down for the next month before the kids are back at school.

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