Friday, August 24, 2012

Packing. Made. Easy.

Beautiful words.

"Mommy, I want to do my own packing."

Those words spoken should change my life. I mean, we had a short trip coming up, and I had to pack for myself, work with Sydney on outfit coordination, plan meals and buy food and pack for the dog, having one offspring to take complete responsibility, it quite a load off my shoulders.

What could go wrong.

I took a peak into Jackson's bag once he pronounced it complete.  You know because true control freak cannot so easily outsource some things.

This is what Jackson had packed:

3 pairs of long pants
1 pair of shorts
2 long sleeved shirts.
1 bible
1 science book
2 fiction books
Nintendo DS
iPod shuffle
iPod Touch
1 combination lock
1 bag of balloons (red)
1 Easy Button
This is what Jackson had not packed:
bathing suit
t shirts
But really who needs underwear, when you have an Easy Button.
That was easy. hard.

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