Monday, August 20, 2012

Camp. The post mortem edition.

There we were, leaving the women's Olympic soccer to pick up our progeny from the boat from camp.  I wanted to leave early, you know in case fire, flood, hail or locusts delayed our drive downtown. The one thing I could not abide was arriving at the dock after the boat. I knew our Girlie Goo especially would be looking for us.

I needn't have worried about doomsday scenarios as we arrived in plenty of time downtown. Only to learn that the boat was 90 minutes, or more, late.

We took the opportunity to grab a Starbucks before the rain started (the only rain we had had in weeks).  In what seemed an eternity the boat arrived with our kids waving at us from the outside decks. 

In short order, they were disembarked and we had only the excruciating job of reuniting kids with luggage.  The what-could-go-wrong approach to luggage removal was to have kids, aged 7 to11 carry the luggage off the boat, down the dock,up the stairs and put in a staging area. Not their own luggage, whatever they could grab.  There were a few athletic camp staff that were also loading up a large luggage cart or we would still be there waiting.  I learned that blue Mountain Equipment  Coop duffel bags are really in vogue. I saw about three before I found Sydney's. As I was trotting off to the car I was tackled by another desperate Dad who was convinced that I hadn't checked the name tag.  Jackson's red bag was briefly MIA but eventually made it to the staging area.

Both kids had a great week and we are incredibly proud of how they managed. Sydney in particular has some things to deal with and she was an absolute star and I realized she does not need me as much I as perhaps thought.  Sydney made friends, assigned everyone in the cabin silly nick names.  She loved the amount of chocolate she was allowed to have and seemed to revel in ignoring her brother (so much for the comfort of their being together).  She changed her underwear every day but completely forgot about the invention of sun screen.

Jackson loved the independence. This camp has a fairly open schedule, much less rigid than the if-it's-9-o'clock-it-must-be-lake-time-I-don't-care-how-cold-it-is camp that I went to growing up. That suited him.  He loved the climbing wall, seemed to be pretty good at cabin cleanup. He came home with more dirty underwear than I would have predicted but a bar of soap still in the wrapper. This is all the more alarming since he swam in the lake only once. I can't believe he had the nerve to baulk at a shower when we got home. He was lucky I didn't turn the pressure washer on him in the backyard.

As for the tuck shop, Jackson spent every penny.  At one point, an error was made in his order and was forced to buy something he didn't like, but he accommodated by giving up something another day. Very accountant-like approach. 

Sydney had about $4 left over, to my surprise.  She doesn't drink pop so her money went further.

And I also realized the grave, grave error I made. I sent neither snacks nor money for snacks for the 90 minute boat ride.  This is the unpardonable sin of camp moms. Everyone else was buying pop and chips and candy and gum. Fortunately, this injustice was slightly remedied by generous friends who shared their bounty.

When we arrived for visitor's day, they have both already purchased a stash of food for the ride back. No way were they being caught junk foodless.  Of course the delayed boat ride meant more opportunity to buy, so Sydney spent her remaining $4 and shared with her friends.

Jackson is looking forward to a reunion camp in October for his age group and would go 2 weeks next year if we let him. And Sydney looking forward to next summer.

I think that should give me just enough time to worry.

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