Monday, July 16, 2012

The Many Faces of Finny

Finnegan at her finest.
Can someone get that for me?
 Never mind.

Un. Believable.

As mentioned in my first post, we did a little reading on the beach trip.  What I neglected to say what how much reading and how many of us were reading.

Sydney of late has been our resident bibliofile and is commonly found sprawled on or under furniture reading a book. That didn't change.  She read a lot.

Jackson however became consumed by the Hunger Games series. And my consumed I mean it trumped all other activities on the trip including swimming, building sand castles and playing with the dog, his usual fond summertime preoccupations. (He normally enjoys reading at bedtime or free time at school but is not usually reading in the hours he could be gaming).

But one day, I heard something I never thought I would:

Sydney: Jackson, do you want to play Mariokart on Wii?
Jackson: No, I'm reading.
Sydney: Mommy, can you pretend to be a robber and break in and steal Jackson's books so he'll play Wii with me?

Yes, you heard it here. Jackson turned down video games to read a book.
Both kids were reading before bed, at the beach and when they woke up in the morning. Jackson pleaded with me one day to stay inside all day and read his book. Who am I to interfere with the love of books? I said no problem but also pointed out the virtues of reading a book at the beach, which is what he did.

One day they were playing the Wii and instead of having a running commentary on their games  - e.g. Hey look at Luigi? Where is Princess Peach? I totally nailed you with that shell! - they were, at great length, describing the plots of their respective books to each other.   I was making dinner and I turned around and they had abandoned the Wii and went into our bedroom.  I checked to see what they were doing and Sydney, I guess, gave such a compelling synopsis of her book, Jackson wanted to know what happened next.  She was reading to  him from her book.

And I read three books myself.

Beach Traditions.

What is a trip to the beach, without a chance to bury each other in sand:
What goes for one, goes for the other.
I am still trying to get sand out of our suitcases.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Operation: Beach Vacation

We arrived at the beach on Canada Day.
 In costume. 
Safe harbour for fireworks.
Words fail me.
What did we do all week?
Played in sand.
 And in water.
Boogie boarded.
(Everyone gets a chair.)
Hung out. 
 Slight diversion for the lushes grown ups.
We got in the odd cuddle.
When all else fails, spat into hole in the sand.