Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jesus, Oma and Sir Isaac Newton

It all started over  guilt. 

When I  buy the kids clothes, I always end up buying more for Sydney.   Especially shoes.  Jackson needs runners, sandals and boots.  Frankly, he could really use about three pairs of runners just to cut down the number "WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES??" "I DON'T KNOW" conversations.   But I'll leave that for another time.

I always buy Sydney a pair of white flats or sandals in the summer and black ones in the winter.  And sometimes (years that are odd or even) I'll buy her an extra or three pair that are pink, or sparkly or a really good deal.

So we have some serious shoe inequity. (I forbid anyone to count the number of shoes I have versus Husband).

So Jackson has from time to time asked for shoes with wheels in them, or Heely's.

Because of the shoe guilt, I told Jackson I would get him a pair at some undefined time in the future.

Today we had a little SNAFU regarding a play date. I arranged one with a friend Jackson hadn't seen since Christmas.  I thought it was today, but had misread the email.  After Jackson had counted down the hours and then minutes and our play date was overdue by 20 minutes, I re-read the email and discovered that the play date is tomorrow. 

To put it mildly, a 24 hour delay was a bitter pill to swallow for a certain shoe-deprived boy.  So in an effort to get Jackson to stop banging his head against his bed frame (can't tell you how much I wish I was exaggerating), I told Jackson we would drive to a municipality 45 minutes away, as I had a line on some good Heely's.

Mission accomplished.

We are lucky in that we have a deck out front of our house. It's smooth, close to level and, importantly has a handrail. 

After dinner, Jackson went out to practice. We briefly tried working with just one wheel in and the other like a running shoe (the wheels are removable) but decided it was better for learning balance if he had two.

Things were under control. Husband went to walk the dog.  The J Boy had been out there a good 30 minutes and he came in and flopped on the couch.  I assumed he was tired.

"One wheel is gone. But don't worry, I'll but a new one."

Are you freaking kidding me???!!!!

He had decided for reasons I have not yet ascertained, to remove one wheel. He dropped it. The deck is pitched slightly away from the house for water drainage, or you know if you have a 2 inch diameter wheel that you really want to go spend a Saturday night looking for.

Jackson told me only that Sydney had run down the street after it. Oh, did I mention we live on a significant hill?

So according to my not-very-reliable eye witnesses, the wheel rolled off the deck, down the driveway and headed down the hill. They last saw it by the mailbox, which is 3 houses away.  It's another 6 houses to the bottom of the street.  But the street curves around and the lowest point is another 5 or 6 houses away.  Then there was a path and a set of stairs that went still lower.

We are talking needle / haystack territory.

I  headed outside, thinking at the very least, I might find my 8 year old daughter, and hopefully that little wheel.  Which fortunately was bright yellow.  
I did not think the odds of it going all the way to the bottom of the hill and around the corner were great, but we headed down and checked under cars, in flower beds, in sewer grates, under garbage cans.

We had a lot of ground to cover.  So I did what I always do when I lose stuff.

I prayed. 

I could write a book on the crazy stuff I have lost and found after praying. I am not really sure if this says more about the omnipotence of God, my ability to lose things or how much I hate losing stuff.

But it's another thing I had in common with my Mom. We both prayed when we lost stuff. 

And for good measure, I talked to my Mom.  "Mom, help us find it." I took a breath.

Jackson, who you will remember was beating his head against a board over a delayed play date, was more concerned whether he would get his promised ice cream sundae for dessert.  He had already given up.

"I am 100% sure we'll find it." I said.  Truthfully, I was only at about 90%.

"I'm looking until dark", I told the kids.

Eventually, Husband and Finnegan walked by and joined the search. 

I figured we needed a little science on our side, so we took a page from the book of Sir Isaac Newton. Force. Motion. Mass. (with props to Mr. Golightly, my high school physics teacher).

I sent Jackson back up to our house for a tennis ball, he let it roll and I was sure it would roll right to our missing wheel.

It went under a van.  A few more drops and we got it to go down the hill and around the corner, but the wheel was no where to be seen.

Husband went up to the deck and tried replicating the same conditions.(Though I was not quite ready to let him drop the other Heely wheel.) He rolled the tennis ball and it rolled down the hill a little then crossed the street and into a flower bed.

Jackson and I searched the flower bed.  No wheel.

Then I said, "well the wheel is heavier..."

Jackson finished "so it should have gone further."
The next house had a nicely manicured garden out front. I had been drawn to it in searching, thinking this must be the place. But I had looked off the sidewalk, not off the driveway.

I only had to look for ten more seconds.

I had only one thing to screech through the neighbourhood:

"YOU BETTER THANK YOUR OMA".  And Jesus, and Sir Isaac.

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