Saturday, June 30, 2012

From then. To now.

Jackson, in kindergarten:
 Jackson, ready for middle school: 
About seven years ago, Husband and I decided we should move.  We were living in a community we considered a pit stop in life. A fine-for-now place, but not our forever home.  We moved into the house when Jackson was a baby. We had initially thought we might move when Jackson was in grade 2 or 3.

Then we got to know the J Boy and learned transitions were not easy and the thought of moving him in the middle of elementary school was  like voluntarily walking through a minefield.  I had just gone back to work so trading up in houses (and neighbourhoods) was do-able.
Last family photo at our old house

The goal was to move in early 2006 so that come kindergarten registration time (February) we had an address in a district and we could register Jackson for school. We needn't have actually moved by then, only had a signed offer on a house. 

Fresh into the new year, having sacrificed our holiday season to purge and declutter, we  put our house on the relatively hot real estate market.  We had a lot of interest and multiple offers within days.  That was the hard part.  We accepted an offer and with much glee started the fun part, finding a new home.

Not so easy.  I won't bore you with our two month roller coaster ride of disappointing houses, failed bids, accepted bids that fell through and prices spiralling out of reach.  But in the end it was March 13th when we finally found our home in our preferred school catchment area. Signed. Sealed. Finally.

The next morning I called the school, hoping the kindergaren classes had not filled up.  It was spring break and the school was closed.  A week later, I dropped Jackson off at preschool, and drove with Sydney to the new school. I specifically remember walking down the steps and looking at the school. It looked so foreign and I remember thinking how familiar this would be in time.  Fortunately, they had room for Jackson in the "Class of 2012".

The early years at elementary school were a mix of unhappy after school interactions,  negotiating bad play dates and just trying not to lose my freakin' mind. But Jackson did grow. 

As he started grade 1, I could not imagine how he would negotiate lunchtime.  He didn't really have friends he played with. But in no time, there was a  keen group that would run around solving mysteries on the school ground.  For a few years, I wasn't sure he would ever sort out the difference between a 6 and a 9 or have legible printing.  But he passed those milestones.

Nothing made Jackson as happy as when, in his grade 2 year, Sydney joined him at the school. Except maybe the next year, when Sydney was around for lunch and recess and they arranged meeting places.

In the past few years, Jackson has learned some things about responsibility, though he is still a work in progress in that regard.  But I am proud of the citizen of the world he is becoming.  He is a creative, hard-working, empathetic kid who has a keen interest in learning, loves to write stories and try anything new.

Proud of you, J Boy!
Can't wait for the next chapter.

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