Monday, June 18, 2012

Explanatory Notes

Jackson should come with Explanatory Notes these days.  (For anyone that has tried to divine the meaning of new legislation, particularly the Department of Finance, will issue Explanatory notes to describe that is actually intended in the pending legislation.  Kind of like subtitles.)

From one to all of these should be used on any given day:

Yes, I have clean clothes at home. I choose to wear this dirty shirt, because it's my favourite.


This shirt was clean when I left the house.

Yes, my parents do earn sufficient income that I don't have to wear shirts with holes in them.  But I was too lazy to find a non-holey shirt.


 I was too fast and I put it on before my Mom could find it and throw it out.

I know this shirt looks very old but this is the first time I wore it, but since I pull my knees and arms inside the shirt and also a soccer ball/ pillow / the dog, it is looking stretched out.

I realize it is June and I am wearing my winter parka. I like it. My Mom has suggested that this close to the summer solstice I might wear something a little lighter, but I like it. And I'm always cold.

Yes, I know my jeans have holes in the knees / are 4 inches off the floor, but that is totally not my Mom's fault since she made sure I had a full drawer full of suitable shorts to wear and who buys new jeans in the summer.  It's almost July and summer has yet to arrive. Totally not her fault.

Yes, I was wearing this shirt in grade 1, but it was the only one I could find, which is totally not my Mom's fault. She did the laundry and put it in my room to put away. I just choose to leave a basket of clean clothes in my room and pretend it's not there and reserve the right to complain about the lack of clean shirts.

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Haupi Tombing said...

Somehow, this sounds familiar!