Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dancing Leopard

It's that time again -- year end shows.  Those of you who have been hanging around this rodeo for at least two years, may remember my posting about the end of Sydney's dance career.  It was natural causes.   She had determined that she had stage fright, so despite enjoying the dancing, performing at the year end show kyboshed the whole enterprise.

Well I am here to tell you a leapoard can change her spots.  Last September, Sydney told me she wanted to dance again. What!?!?  Did she not know that I allocate all the brain space and mental anguish available in the months of June and July for figuring out the activities for the kids in the fall?

But she persisted and she joined a hip hop class in Fridays after school.  She loved it and was looking forward to the year end performance. (Some may recall the high level diplomatic skills required even to get her to the dress rehearsal).

And earlier this month (I am a little behind...), we went to a lovely theatre to watch a charming and incredible dance show: 
The costume fairy smiled on us and Sydney's costume was something she will wear again.
And again.
And Again.
What is not to love about a white denim jacket?
Some makeup to finish off the look: 
 Some fans in the audience: 
 I was so proud that Jackson wanted to tape it for Sydney on his iTouch,
I allowed him to even though the ushers were running around enforcing the
"no video rule" like meter maids:
 Never prouder of my Girlie Goo!

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