Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tears. Of Joy?

I have never been much of  happy crier. I suppose on the rare occasion my eyes have teared up. But I didn't cry on my wedding day, when my kids were born or the happiest moments in all of motherhood, the day each of them were potty trained at age 4.

This morning that changed.  As is our Mother's Day morning tradition, after Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and coffee, I read cards and open gifts from my kids.  (see here or here for fine examples of Mother's Day).

But today, I cried. Effusively.  And laughed. Hysterically. Here's why:

Dear Mom,

Thank you for everything you do for me!  Thank you for cooking for me and taking me to dance.  Your broccolini is so, so crunchy!!!!  Your cheese buns are baked to perfection and I can't forget the chocolate muffin tops!  Mmmmmm delicious!  Dance oh dance! I could not perform or be backstage if you didn't drive me or pay for me! So I love you and you are the best mom ever in the whole wide WORLD!  No other mom could sing like you or drew Jackson, Daddy, me and yourself.  When you bring Finny in my bed it's so funny when she sleeps on my bed because she's tired!  I love it when we watch "Say Yes To The Dress: Bridesmaids! I love when you buy me clothes when I grow out of them or just for FUN!! Your Finny impersonations of what Finny would do in school are so alike.  I can't say how much I love you - not with numbers and not with arm lengths. I wish you could live forever and ever and ever cause you're the best mom in the history of moms!

A few inside jokes there, like the fact that I buy (and don't bake) the cheese buns and the muffin tops.  My drawing of pictures is a frequent point of mock ridicule and not much can really be said about my singing.  But I think anyone can appreciate this tender-hearted letter.  

My favourite part is the second to last sentence "I can't say how much I love you - not with number and not with arm lengths".  We have often had a back and forth over the this in this family.  Sometimes we see who can spread our arms the farthest to demonstrate our love.  Sometimes we say things like this:

"I love you a million."
"I love you a trillion"
"I love you a gazillion"
"I love you google"
"I love you google-plex"
"I love you infinity"
"I love you infinity infinities"

You could say we're a family of math geeks. And maybe just a tad competitive.

But my precious girl went beyond that.  She trumped us all.

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