Monday, May 28, 2012

Smartie Cookies

It was mid May last year and we broke the news to the kids that Oma was sick. Very sick. She might not be with us for much longer.

They accepted the news better than most of the grownups.

Sydney did have one question:  did Oma show Opa where the Smartie cookie recipe was?

Oma will always be remembered for these special cookies. I did not get a chance to ask my Mom where her recipe was, but she got it from her sister who gave it to me.

I have had it for a year but had not made the cookies yet. Sydney has been asking. I thought as we gathered to mark the one year anniversary of her death as a family, a batch of Smartie cookies was in order.
And they were packaged with lots of curly ribbon and the recipe.
 I think Mom would approve..

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Anonymous said...

This is such a special way to remember Oma. There is nothing like an Oma's baking either! I am sure the cookie's are great. Maybe this is a recipe you could share with others? Like me!