Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I was schooling Jackson on respect one day in the car.  He was telling me how good it was going to feel to say "I told you so" to a friend.

I was assuring him that Dale Carnegie would definitely say that is NOT the way to win friends and influence people.

So as I was delivering a moving, and inspirational sermonette on the merits of being a good friend, I heard a little chirp from the back seat.


(Jackson has taken to speaking in stage directions. "Sigh" "Face palm" "Eye roll")

That got my attention.  I pointed out in a brisk tone the irony of my speaking to him about being respectful and he disrespecting me with his commentary.


I think this is where I started screeching.


Then I really lost it. It was a good thing we were only half a block from home.

Fast forward an hour and Jackson had just the right amount of indignation and revision historian.  He came to my room and I naively expected an apology.  I had one for him.  I lost it. I would not tolerate like the disrespect, but I also should not have gone Linda Blair on him either.

I waited for his contrite apology.

"Mommy, you know there's an amendment, I have freedom of speech."

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