Friday, May 11, 2012

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

For years we have talked vaguely about getting a trampoline.  We resisted  with the ferocity that people resist mini vans (an urge we overcame 8 years ago).
Did we really want that monstrosity in our backyard?  It's an eyesore. How will it look during our elegant garden parties and swanky BBQs?

They I realized our pantry, fridge, cars, house and schedule have been given over to the kids, why draw the line at the backyard?

Couple that with an increasing challenge of getting our J Boy sufficient exercise to purge his hostility, manage his demons, stop driving me mental cope.  Most kids his age are into at least one multi-day sport.  Be it dance, soccer, hockey, baseball, most kids seem to have at least a few days of significant fitness.  Jackson's current activities are Cubs and playing clarinet. (Though he was doing trampoline and swimming earlier in the year).  While Cubs does include a portion of running around, the only exercise he gets playing clarinet is running from the car to the music place because we chronically drop him off late.

So when my brother casually mentioned to Husband that a trampoline was under consideration for his family, it crystallized for us.  After our usual obsessive Googling, we decided on one model (shown in photo). It had the safety features we wanted and was on sale. 

After some humming and hah-ing, we decided to make the plunge only to discover that the model we liked was no longer on sale.  We weren't sure we could stomach and extra $120 just on basic frugality principles.  Luckily, we live in the age of perpetual sales and two weeks later it was on sale again.

The first night I saw Jackson bouncing on it in the dark, I wondered why we waited so long.  It's solitary (unless they jump in tandem), rhythmic, and draining.  EVERYTHING THAT JACKSON NEEDS.

They have been on the trampoline every day except when Mother Nature interfered with the plans by sending rain.  Even then, they  mopped up the trampoline and jumped between showers.

They have been inviting friends over to share their bouncy bounty.

In a moment of desperation, when no one else was available to jump, Jackson asked me to join him.  I had been planning on jumping on the trampoline as a possible workout option (especially after my cousin told me a friend of hers lost 25 pounds with a trampoline workout).

So I got on with Jackson, with some hesitation, and then Sydney joined.  I have had injuries with both knees, loose ligaments that leads me to chronic misalignment and chiropractor visits.  If I was alone, I had no worries. But with my bounce-mates, the up and down can, I know from experience, jar ones knees. 

I avoided injury. And I learned two things.

One, Jackson has some sense of humour.  He urge me to do a seat drop where you bounce on your bum and then back to your feet. I got the kids off the the sides and started bouncing in preparation.  As I was about to drop Jackson said in a mock-urgent voice "PREPARE FOR IMPACT".

I laughed so hard, I fell into a pile in the middle of the trampoline.

Lesson two,  if you're 50, post childbirth, only jump on trampoline on an empty bladder.

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