Friday, April 13, 2012

Things. Have. Changed. Part 3.

Things have changed in our family.  We are no longer a family with young children. That is how I still see us. Even though Jackson will be going to middle school in September and he fixes my computer for me and Sydney makes my coffee and she wants me to put fake nails on her for special occasion, I still feel like a family with young kids.

When I saw this picture at my party, I felt like the kids were looking awfully grown up.
Well it didn't hurt that both kids were drinking their beverages keenly from wine glasses.
They entirely amused themselves at my party last weekend. Sydney walked around talking to people and accepting compliments on her outfit. Jackson occasionally grunted a greeting to someone he knew, but largely played on his iTouch. But at least he did in the living room while the party went on around him.

There were times when I could not envisage being at this stage, but our kids are growing up. They have their own opinions, likes, dislikes  and preferences.  While I would not have chosen PINK to be the centrepiece of my daughter's wardrobe everyday  and I would not have picked video games to by my son's driving passion, I do admit, I am enjoying watching them grow up.

Only a matter of time till one of them grows taller than me.

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