Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things. Have. Changed. Part 2.

Things have also changed in the XY chromosome department. First of all, Jackson is squarely in the land of "tweens".  He has that slightly teenager-y look to him.  You know, too cool for school. Or anything related to his parents.  Except that he's not. He actually wants to be too cool, but really he's still our boy underneath.  At my birthday party some of his aunties gave him the option of hugs or high fives and he opted for hugs (and I am trying really hard not to think he has ulterior motives there).

Instead of laughing at Mommy's hilarious jokes, he burps out a grunt of slight approval if any of my attempts at humour amuse him.

He has started doing new things. Like he plays the clarinet.  This is the first time he has done something that neither Husband nor I know anything about.  I play some piano, I know a few chords on the guitar.  I can read music and even remember how to play the recorder. But when we picked up the clarinet and it's in 17 pieces and has a reed, we were really out of our depths. Even Professor Google could only help us so much.

But even after one lesson he was expert in putting it together (even after watching him, it ranks up there with the Rubik's cube and the new math they now teach in grade 5).  But darned if that kid doesn't get a beautiful tone out of the instrument. I mean, I am no expert but it sounds rich and even.  His teacher even said so and I am completely sure he was being truthful and it has nothing to do the the clarinet annuity he is paid every week.

And our renaissance man is trying fencing on for size.  I wish I had my camera all geared up with the cool mask and armed with a spiky sword. The epee (I think? I know that word from doing crosswords, but there are at least 3 kinds of fencing and I have no idea which one he is learning) I can't wait to watch him in the 2024 Olympics !

Plus he has this obviously well-hidden organizational streak which is starting to peak through.  In church one Sunday he starting make a schedule for the week. I thought maybe it would have had a schedule for how he was going to divide his day into screens (Wii, Minecraft, iPod, DS ...) but it actually had school and homework and clarinet practice on it.  And he set the timer on his iPod so at random times of the day I will think there is a raccoon scratching at the window screen, but it will just be some bizarre alarm tone reminding him it's time to walk the dog.

Of course all this scheduling has its downside.  Yesterday was Tuesday, a non-practising day for clarinet. But the thing was he had not practiced Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday, which are his practice days.  (Easter, birthday party etc.) And when I belatedly suggested  (because I am trying not to nag and take ownership I had not mentioned over the weekend ) he might practice a little to make up or the missed days, he was absolutely indignant. He could not possibly make up clarinet practice on a non-practice dayHad I not read his schedule????  THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE MOMMY.

And then there was this little matter of a math test tomorrow. We did not have a lot of notice.  Jackson doesn't have a problem with math.  But this particular math unit was started in February. There was about a 3 week sabbatical from math during teacher job action and spring break. So I thought, just for kicks, we could look at some of the material from all 13 chapters, which include the introduction of fractions, decimals, including adding and subtracting them and the metric system.  You know, just to be ready.

So I went through the 13 chapters and wrote out 1 question from each, just so he could remind himself of what an equivalent fraction was, or how many meters 43 centimeters is.  He stormed around, threw stuff and screamed rejected that idea until I threatened him provided adequate incentive to do some math practice.  He grudging came to the table and said with as much dramatic effect as we have ever seen or heard from his sister 'You will rue the day that you made me do this. RUE THE DAY."

The teen years are going to be fun.

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