Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Things. Have. Changed. Part 1.

It has been a while since I blogged about the kids.  The thing that has changed, is they have. They are growing up right before my freakin' eyes. And there is nothing that I can do to stop it.

Take Sydney.  She has a signature look, which is to wear a lot of bright pink. Including her pink fedora, which she bought with her own money.  She is becoming quite the fashionista, pulling together outfits from her wardrobe that I never thought to put together.  

She went shopping with me to find a dress for my birthday party. I picked out a bunch to try on.  Then she asked me if she could pick one. She picked one that I knew would not flatter me. Only it did and I bought it.

She was trying on a long t shirt at the mall the other night. She turned around to see how her butt looked in it. Not sure we are ready for that.

She is becoming more responsible by the day.  She is cleaning up after herself, even without being asked. Oh and she has a good memory and reminds me of things I have forgotten to do. That's kind of handy when you're 50!

She is still the kind, sensitive, generous-hearted girl she always was.  But now, she is becoming known for her comedic talent.   One mom at school told me how she entertains her family on play dates,  with her fake accents (mostly British). I mean she does that at home, but I didn't know her stand up routine was going on the road.   Her teacher told me how she does this crazy head-wobbling chicken walk that cracks up the whole class.

She got all kinds of moves, many she learned in her hip hop class,  that continue to show she has the most rhythm in the family.  She can do an amazing running man, can shake her bootie in a way that horrifies us as it portends the future.

She has been known to leave rooms saying "peace out" and even speak some gangsta talk "I'm not getting all up in her grill Mommy" (I had to consulted a colleague from east Vancouver fluent in gangster to even knew what that means).

But the thing that I absolutely love is that she has become a bona fide book worm. She tucks into a good read with keen concentration.  She can be found anywhere there is a comfortable chair reading a book.  She will then provide a synopsis of the book she is reading to anyone who will listen.

I remember becoming a lover of books (it started with Nancy Drew) when I was a little older than her.  Books have brought me a great deal of satisfaction over the years, and I know it will her too.

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