Monday, April 9, 2012


Apart from throwing myself a party,  the other celebration I had was a trip away with Husband.  We are overdue for a mini-break (as they call it in the UK).

I investigated many locales, Savannah Georgia, Mount Rushmore, Utah, New York City, Chicago before, after a gazillion hours scoping Trip Advisor reviews, settling on a beach view vacation in Huntington Beach, California. 

But then I realized, with all that was going in with the reno, I wasn't really looking forward to it. So we downgraded to a trip across the border.  But then childcare and puppycare seemed hard to sort and we cancelled it all with the very silver lining of sending both our kids to sleep away camp for 7 days this summer and we will avail ourselves of holiday opportunities then.

But I am taking this week off work.  I want to do some of the things that I feel are important and that I have neglected.  Exercising/ being active is top of the list.  Reading books for pleasure and spiritual growth. And most especially writing.

I think that I have a very short bucket list. I feel I have done and experienced so many things in life and I am really very contented. Sure there are a few places I have not yet travelled to that I would like to go (African safari, Australia). And I would like to fit in the skinny jeans in my closet.  But I live a charmed life with more blessings that I ever expected or deserved.  

But I would like to write more and publish. That will be front and centre for me this week and going forward to the second half century.

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