Sunday, April 8, 2012


Today I am 50.  Half a century.

As I have blogged about on earlier birthdays,  I am all about embracing my age and not fearing it. I consider it a great honour to reach 50, knowing several friends who, while undoubtedly now in a better place, did not share that time  here with their loved ones.

So I chose to spend it with a lot of loved ones.

When I  was approaching my 40th birthday, I was in a wonderful place. I had a 4 month old baby.  Who slept through the night. I was being paid to stay home and bond with my baby.  I fit in my skinny jeans. I mean seriously, does it get any better? 

Husband and I discussed how we would celebrate. I decided I definitely didn't want any kind of party (apart from the small family dinners).  So Husband and Jackson and I took our first road trip. We packed up a million outfits as Jackson had what we called a bit of a spitting up problem (like the Titanic had a bit of an ice berg problem).  We brought a stroller, a bouncy seat, an enormous ghetto blaster to play Jackson's go-to-sleep music, toys and jammed everything into a Ford Escort and headed to Harrison Hot Springs.

Official 40th birthday with baby portrait
This is a wonderful place with natural hot springs and most importantly, a spa! This was the place to celebrate 40! We ordered room service, I went to the spa, we walked, we relaxed and talked and it was a wonderful celebration.

As we drove back home on Monday (my actual birthday) I found myself hoping that Husband had managed to secretly plan a surprise birthday party for me.  I knew it was unlikely (not exactly in his wheelhouse). I had truthfully and earnestly told him I did not want one. 

He listened.  We came home. There was no party.  I was rather ungraciously bummed about the party I didn't know I wanted.  I decided then I would have a party at 50.

I did not think much specifically about it these last 10 years, I just knew I would have a party.  After my Mom died, I knew I would miss her that day and I thought it would be hard to turn 50 without her.  I decided to focus on the party.

Somewhere along the way, a renovation came into view, and it all came into focus: a 50 birthday party in a brand new, shiny kitchen.  So the past 6 months have been filled with planning, shopping, deciding and forking over money hand over fist to people who will transform our home.  I  told contractors and suppliers that no matter what, my kitchen needed to be done by April 7th. For my party.

And last night, on the very eve of turning 50, 40 friends and family joined us for wine, food and laughter.  It was all I hoped for and more.
(with a little help from my friends, including these 2 Sisters) 
 And most especially this guy.

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Beth said...

i completely agree with your sentiments about turning 50 ... it certainly beats the alternative doesn't it ...

happy day ...

and glad you had a party ... surprise or not ...