Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Okay Wow.

I had no idea about renovations.  I thought it was busy before.  I thought once we completed the gargantuan task of moving everything off the main level of the house, it would be smooth sailing.  It is a full time job keeping on top of who is coming when and being available for impromptu meetings.

Oh and we spend a lot of time doing this:
Then of course there are the decisions.  The fireplace of our dreams did not fit into the existing chase.  And expanding the chase was deemed "too big of a job" by our project manager.   You know it IS a big job when your PM doesn't even want to give you a quote on it.  Luckily, we were prepared for this eventuality and had 3 fireplaces chosen and ranked in priority. Unluckily, none of our three choices worked and we spent (yet another) afternoon researching, measuring and choosing our fireplace.  This bend in the road did save us over $1000.

Which is good because when they pulled up the existing flooring, they discovered 2 things.  First, the sub floor is OSB and not plywood as expected. OSB is what the old schoolers might call chip board.  I thought this was merely an interesting and quirky tidbit of news. Turns out you cannot nail hardwood to chipboard and even floating floors (cork) that we plan to put in the kitchen-family room, will float a little too much.  Solution?  About 1400 square feet of plywood.

The second thing they discovered is that the levelness is best described and rolling hills and will required additional labour to even out the highs and lows.  While both these things did hit our budget, they were within what we may have expected from some snag or another and the pain was eased by the fireplace savings.

In week 1 they completed all the demolition, most of the reframing, the plumbing, the electrical and the installation of the new fireplace.  Week 2 was all about drywall, which thankfully is now done and, more importantly, cleaned up. 

Now, we are about to embark on the fun stuff.  Stone on both of our fireplaces will be installed on Friday. The cabinets are to be installed Friday/Saturday.  Next week is flooring, which will require a lot of puppy Xanax for Finnegan as that is a lot of nail gunning for one already traumatized doggy to endure.

New progress photos posted below.

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Eschelle said...

I would love to do some of the renovations my place needs, i hope one day here my hubby will get another job and we'll be able to start considering changes for our little apartment. Our landlord is clearly not present in the department of repairs etc... So we're just going to do it ourselves i am thinking.