Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Kitchen

When we were looking for a new house six years ago, we wanted one thing more than anything else: aabigger more functional kitchen.  We looked at many houses in several communities and saw many kitchens that would have been a vast improvement over our last kitchen. 

When we saw the house we now live in. It was perfect. Close to a bus stop. Lots of room  ... too much room we thought at the time. It had an extra bedroom for guests, a huge master bed room, en suite bath and walk-in closet, a shop for Husband, an embarrassment of riches in the bathroom department  (3.5), a lovely living room/ dining room,  a large family room off the kitchen, two fireplaces, a main floor office and nice-sized laundry room. It had windows and light and ample rooms and spacious hallways. It had it all.

Except we had the same kitchen as the last house. Only with a gas range. But, we told ourselves, we will improve upon it. In two years, maybe four. It's been six, and I bid my final farewell to the kitchen.

Things I won't miss about the kitchen
1. Appliance congestion:
 2. White enamel sink that only looks white after
 30 minutes of cleaningwith the right tools and cleaners:
3. Over mount sink: 
Things I will miss about the kitchen:
1.  Our history there.
(the demolition crew insisted we keep this board even when I insisted it could go into the bin)

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