Sunday, January 29, 2012

Therapy. By Renovation.

Many may be wondering to what do I owe my absence from blogging in 2012. Well, as all may know 2011 was a stressful year for all the wrong reasons. My Mom's worsening health and her death in May.  Grieving and standing my my Dad as he relocated from the family home of 23 years to a condo.  Husband had some job uncertainty and then mid year started working two half jobs. Anyone that has ever done this knows that two halves do not make a whole.

So, what deep end did we dive into for 2012?
Yup, we are renovating.  We have long wanted to rejig our kitchen.  It's very tight, especially as a 2 person kitchen.  Anyone washing dishes at the sink risks nerve damage on the back of their knees if anyone dares to open the dishwasher.  If the fridge door is open all are captive inside the kitchen. Don't even think about opening the stove and the dishwasher at the same time.
While we were at it, we thought we would put hardwood floors in the rest of the main floor. And  address the other 2 issues we have always disliked about the house.  The pillars in the dining room. They are really just very large paper towel rolls.  They impede traffic and, I think, don't look right:
Finally the fireplace in the living room. For all the extra  angles on the mantle and extraneous drywall, it has never looked right. 
So the past 2 months really, we have been making decisions. Some are easier than other. 

Funnily enough, and from the photos above, you can see the toughest nut to crack was the paint.   We needed to work with the red couch and love seat in the living room.  So we thought a coppery red colour. Only the ibe we picked didn't go with couch. We tried a lighter reddy version. But that was really just 80's peach.  We went even redder but we thought that much red in one room screamed bordello.  So we finally found a coppery, browny, red, very muted which, God willing, will work.

In the family room kitchen, we really thought the blue, purpley, possbly aqua family would work. But we had a hard time finding a colour that would go with what ever version of reddy brown we found.  So we tried a few greens and a yellow before finding a very muted bluey-purple that goes with the muted red we found quite well.

Of course the biggest challenge this week is moving everyone off our our main floor.  Fortunately, we had  sizaeable basement to stash a lot of furnature. We have a far-too-large guest room, the kids have dubbed the 'echo room' which is piled high and wide.  We have made a cozy and functional space in the basement with a temporary kitchen and family room. 

The next 7 weeks should be interesting.  March 14th, it is supposed to all be done.

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