Friday, January 27, 2012

Long. Division.

You will note in grade 5, I have not written a lot about Mommy vs. J Boy homework battles that were the norm last year.

That is because Jackson has had very little homework. When he does, it is small in volume. It does usually generate 17 requests to do said homework, followed by 12 statements that he is to attend to his homework, followed by 7 demands and usually a couple Mommy-tantrums, but you know, compared to last year, that is a piece of cake.

But this past weekend, a three day weekend for the kids, he had a boatload of long division.  And the unfortunate circumstance that he had not been taught how to do long division since he was out of the class for math for an optional programme (that he loves)  for the two days when the explanations had happened.

Fortunately for him, math was the best subject in school of both his parents.  Unfortunately for him, they don't do math that way any more.  What this means is the old school parents have to read the text book to relearn how to do long division the new way.  With a textbook called Math Makes Sense, and with about a dozen years of  university study between them, a law degree, a Ph.D and many, many years of balancing a checkbook, you would expect he would be in good hands.

He wasn't. We don't get the new math. And Jackson definitely does not get the old math.  Frankly, he doesn't like us teaching him anything. 

So we approach this task with a dose of yes-you-are-doing-your-homework, just enough  I-know-this-is-unfair, a liberal amount of you-are-so-smart-enough with a constant refrain of you-need-long-division-to-get-through-life and an occasional it-doesn't-count-if-you-use-the-calculator-on-your-iPod.

Jackson did storm off occasionally and I found he had put his feelings into art:
One has to at least been impressed with the math he did.  He got as high as 80 times Mommy ruined his life.  And we haven't hit the teen years yet.

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