Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 In Review

 As 2012 dawned, we were on the cusp of a major renovation.
This meant endless trips to suppliers to pick lighting.
And appliances, fireplaces, tiles.
And paint. 
We tolerated a lot of mess. 
Endless hours with paintbrushes.
Okay, NOW the kitchen looks big. 
Some of us didn't hate the wide open spaces. 
Starting to look like something. 
The paint was still wet and we decided to leave our beautifully renovated home ...
...for a very small doggy-friendly cabin...
... with hot springs.
Somewhere in there, Jackson took up the clarinet.
I celebrated a half century
Official birthday breakfast picture.
 Sydney found some attitude during the year. 
And style:
Jackson also deveoped a style:
Dinner out:
  In Class with my girl
Official Mother's Day pic:
We broke down and bought a trampoline:
June brought a whirlwind of activities:
 Activity Day:
Dance rectital
Father's Day
And a full slate of 'last year of elementary school; festivities:
Western lunch
Grade 5 mask project.
Leaving ceremony: 
 An incredible week in Kelowna
Mid summer the kids went to Keats camp for 7 days and nights:
So John and I snuck away for a few days, leaving Finnegan with Opa
The kids had fun: 
I had never been away from them for so long: 
It was a sweet reunion on parents' day
(the sixth day of their camp,
which is why they look a little grubby)
 Later in the summer we went to Whistler with my Dad:
Back to school!!!
That is a sprinkler worthy event in elementary school:
Somewhere along the way,
our Girlie Goo turned 9:
(we had some friends ...)

 We had a murder mystery night:

Some pictures in the leaves:
Our J Boy turned 11
December brought:
A choir concert.
A band concert  
Seasonal decoration. 
A big milestone in a girl's life.
Daddy's birthday.
And a wonderful holiday together.
p.s. this is a good exercise to realized how blessed one is.