Sunday, December 25, 2011

Worst. Case. Scenario.

Two phrases that should never be uttered in close proximity.

Christmas. Stomach virus.

I'll understand if some want to read no further.

It was all going really well. We left the house for Christmas celebrations with my family an astounding ten minutes earlier than planned.  One of our party was a little miffed that he had to be torn away from a TV show on UFOs. Another seemed unusually sleepy for having enjoyed a sleep-in this morning.

We were still within our city limits when Sydney expelled the contents of her stomach in the most projectile of fashions.  We were stunned.

We turned the ship around and recalculated our plan.  We got Sydney settled on the couch on a thick layer of blankets and towels, bowl close at hand. Jackson and  I headed to the party slightly belatedly.  Husband was left with the patient and the floor of the car to clean. Husband and Sydney were going to lay low with Finnegan and they would join us later, health status permitting.

We enjoyed the usual Swiss fondue for dinner.
Jackson took a few photos and his cousins chased him to disarm him of his iPod. 
Sydney was rallying on the home front and the quarantined part of our party planned to join us for present opening after church.

The Christmas eve message at church was just starting and when Husband texted that he and Sydney would not be coming for the present opening.   I texted back that Jackson and I were at the back of the church: he had a stomach ache.

After church we made a hasty trip back to my brother's with a further recalculation of the evening. All our presents were assembled and Jackson and I headed home, hoping that we would not need the box lined with garbage bag, to catch the contents of Jackson's stomach. We did. We were 2 houses away from home. So close.

Husband, God bless him, started cleaning the van carpet.  Turns out my lining of the box was rather imperfect.  I am just glad we only have two kids and two vehicles.

But we are nothing if not resourceful. We opened presents over Skype. 
We threw in more laundry.  We got the Christmas ready for the morning.

And enjoyed a fuzzy navel. A large one. Each.

Further rounds of laundry and a relocation of the J Boy to a clean bed was required. Around two Jackson queried how there could be a cure for some cancers but not for whatever bug ailed him.

At 7, when the sleep had been far too brief and interrupted, the J Boy climbed into our bed saying he felt "half better".  Around 8 we found Sydney feeling "100% awesome".  We suggested checking out the presents and stockings might be a suitable distraction for Jackson.  He rallied.  All is well.


natesmom said...

NOOO! How awful! I am so sorry and hope you and hubby stay well!

Anonymous said...

Wished I lived closer to help with clean up. Been there done that, only in those days we did not have a car to contend with, just bed linen and floors!!!
Love Granny