Saturday, December 24, 2011

That. Was. Fast.

Almost to the minute, a week after having a heart-to-heart with Jackson about the reality of Santa, Husband returned to the house with the kids after a brief outing.

Jackson was about to jump out of his skin.  Husband was skittish.  Sydney was near tears.

"Is Santa real?" she questioned. 

I take it this came up on the car ride home. Jackson was threatened sworn to secrecy, Husband wasn't sure what to say, so to Sydney's displeasure, she was told she had to discuss this with Mommy.

Since I am so incredibly good at this parenting stuff, Sydney and I retired to a quiet corner of the house for a discussion. She is generally much easier to manipulate read, so I thought I would have this under control in a few minutes. 

I opened with "you have to decide for yourself" but realized we were far, far beyond that. I ran the gamut I had visited a week earlier but what had taken Jackson 90 minutes with a lot of meaningful back and forth, took her about 90 seconds.  Before I knew it, our Santa innocence was lost forever.

I was nostalgic for a moment, like when I hold a tiny baby and I remember those special days with my kids. But then I always remember the sleepless nights, relentless feedings, the hours of planning required for a brief trip to the mall.

And then I felt relief. 

Christmas just got a lot simpler.  No threats of staying up all night, minding my words all year long so I don't say something like "we got you that for Christmas" only to be me with "no you didn't Mommy, Santa did!"

We'll still enjoy a  little HO HO HO in our Christmas, but it will take it's rightful place in the festivities that begins with celebrating the birth of Christ, includes family gatherings, games, singing, cooking, eating and savouring the memories of Christmas past.

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