Sunday, December 11, 2011


Perception is a funny thing. Especially about oneself. 

Normally, I allow the scale to dictate how I feel about my relative size.  Up a pound I feel pudgy and bloated and I am sure the seams on my pants are about to split and family members are secretly applying for me to be on The Biggest Loser.  Down a pound and I feel skinny, and the envy of everyone.  Which surely justifies a cookie at coffee break.

This week though, I learned there is another measure. I was off to the mall to work on some Christmas shopping.  I decided to dress up, which is to say switch from baggy and dirty yoga pants to clean jeans.  I grabbed my jeans straight from the dryer and headed for the mall.

I was walking around and it struck me: these jeans are loose!! I hadn't stepped on the scale in a bit, I must have shed a few pounds. And ladies you know what I'm talking about when I emphasize THE JEANS WERE STRAIGHT OUT OF THE DRYER. 

That effort to increase my exercise this fall has really paid off. Even if the pounds weren't shedding, obviously the inches were.  I gleefully went about my business at the mall, with a swagger.  I imagined people envying my svelte shape (gratuitous delusion, I know).  It did seem like people were looking at me.  I pondered whether I needed new jeans or whether I should wait to lose yet more inches.

And then my perception came crashing to earth: I realized the zipper on my jeans was completely undone.  To think I was walking around the mall like that!

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