Saturday, December 24, 2011

December 24th: To Do List

I was extraordinarily pleased with myself on Monday.  I packed up the kids, off from school, and in a semi-cooperative effort, we headed to the big grocery store and bought enough provisions to get us through the Christmas weekend.  On Tuesday, I bought the last couple gift cards and picked up the Christmas Starbucks coffee supply.  We were ready.

On Wednesday I remember I forgot to buy an appetizer for Christmas Eve.  I picked that up Thursday on the way home from work, and renewed my self-congratulatory attitude.

On Friday I had play dates arranged for both kids.  I received, belatedly, the last of the online shopping parcels and wrapped them. I took it easy Friday.  I went to bed thinking this would be my to-do list for December 24th:

1. Get up.
2. Make coffee / have breakfast.
3. Have shower.
4. Get dressed.
5. Leave at 2 pm for Christmas Eve celebrations.

This looked totally do-able.

By the time I woke up this was my to-do list:

1. Get up.
2. Make coffee/ have breakfast.
3. Make nutty yam dish.
4. Wrap the gifts I forgot to wrap.
5. Go to pet store to buy treats and poo bags for Finnegan.
6. Find the kids' designated Christmas outfits.
7. Take picture of kids and puppy in front of tree. In designated Christmas outfit.
8. Blog.
9. Do 30 minutes on elliptical.
10. Assemble gifts and other items for Christmas  Eve celebrations.
11. Have shower.
12. Get dressed.

Unfortunately, I had to add to list

2a. Knock over glass bowl while reaching for breakfast.
2b. Clean up glass all over pantry (thanks to Husband for doing this one!!)

3a. Search in vain for recipe for nutty yams
3b. Call girlfriend for recipe.
3c. Call father to walk him through Mom's recipe collection to find nutty yam recipe.

4a. Wrap my own gifts from Husband.

6a. Argue with Jackson over appropriate pants for Christmas designated outfit.

7a. Convince kids and puppy they want their picture taken. That one took the longest:
I know, the enthusiasm is infections.
It is all done. Including the exercise, thank you very much.
 And I really am ready. 
Merry Christmas!!

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