Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dear Finnegan,

One year ago, we started a journey we could not imagine.  We were driving out to the country to have a look at a litter of puppies.  You stole all our hearts that night, and we chose you over your 4 litter mates.  We knew then you were a high energy ball of fur.   You haven't disappointed in that regard.

In fact you have been all surprises all year.  We put you in a baby's playpen thinking that would keep you safe and ensconced while we figured out how to puppy proof the house.  Your first order of business was to climb higher then the sides and climb.  

You started at about 5 pounds and we thought you might double your weight. You almost tripled it and in now way can be considered a delicate flower of a Maltese. More of a hearty hybrid, happy to keep up with the big dogs.

You have made yourself quite at home. You know, sitting on our kitchen chairs, eating off the kitchen table, lying on our pillows. You certainly don't stand on ceremony!

Life has never been fluffier, cuter, happier or more energetic.

Happy anniversary, Puppy McScruffy!


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