Sunday, September 4, 2011

Big. Bang. Theory.

Husband and I are big fans of the Big Bang Theory.  For those that know us and the show, it's a good fit.  We were both part of the geek class in high school.  Since I just spent the afternoon playing Scrabble online, one might fairly postulate I am still in the geek class.

Anyway, the kids perhaps know they are destined for geekdom and have taken a fancy to the show.  So we watch occasionally. Usually I prescreen the episodes to make sure they were appropriate.  But tonight I thought we would watch the first few episodes of the series.  I remembered that the boys were at the height of their geekiness and I reasoned that there would be no talk of sex, or pillow talk or inappropriate language.

I guess I knew I was in trouble within 10 seconds when the Sheldon and Leonard walked into a sperm donation clinic for geniuses.  At this point, I could turn off the TV and deal with a geyser of hostility and disappointment. Or I could roll the dice and and hope that they didn't ask what a sperm donor is.

I opted for the latter.

The scene was over and I thought my plan had worked.   Then Jackson said "wait, what were they doing there?"

"It's a place where geniuses can go."

"To do what?"

"To donate some DNA."


"Well, to make genius babies, I guess."

"But what kind of DNA?"

"Well, you know DNA."

"Mommy, what kind of DNA?"

"The kind that makes babies."


Dodged that bullet.

Then the next line came: "today we tried masturbating for money".

"Mommy, I don't understand what he just said."

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