Monday, September 5, 2011

The Annual Back-to-School Dinner

It was the third annual family back-to-school dinner tonight.  This event is held the night before school and has several traditions.

Tradition 1: we all eat in the same room.  As a measure of how much better off we are this year, we ate in the dining room. Last year we ate off the coffee table in the living room because the kitchen table was piled with art projects/ piles of mail / empty yogurt containers.  Full discloure requires me to tell you the dining room table is still a holding tank for a lot of stuff.

Tradition 2 is the most challenging, we eat a meal we ALL like.  Some of us have what you would call narrow food preferences. Owing to  Husband being away for 4 days and only just arriving home, we ordered in. Pizza and wings.

Tradition 3: We (ghost written by me) write the kids a letter telling them what we were proud of last year, what they have to look forward to this year and a family goal.   

Tradition 4: Heartfelt good wishes all around for a great school year!

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