Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dearest Finnegan

I am glad that you enjoyed your escape yesterday. I am sure the Adrenalin from darting out the yard unnoticed gave you quite a boost.  We really should get that gate fixed.  As you know Husband has spent a lot of time fixing that gate and a bear/raccoon/skunk/Hurricane Irene keeps knocking it over.

I am sorry that it took so long for me to notice you were gone. I was in the midst of making three different dinners, watching an Oprah re-run, dealing with my work email and making my Scrabble moves on Facebook. You can see I had a lot on my hands. 

I must admit that I did not think you would go far.  I have always bragged that you were "not a runner" as was my childhood beagle who would run as fast and as far as she could to avoid detection.  I started to doubt my judgement of you as I ran through the neighbourhood yelling like a crazy woman the one word that always makes you return to us:


I was of course not really worried that you would run away forever, I know you know you have a good gig here, being a co sleeper in the matrimonial bed and having as many walks and cuddles as a puppy could want. I was worried about cars/bears/raccoons/skunks/Hurricane Irene getting to you before I could.

I will say that when we received the phone call that you were safe, we were so relieved. And I believe Husband finally agreed your $20 name tag with our phone number was worth the price.

I commend you for finding the one backyard in the whole town that contained the only two eight years olds who don't yet have a dog but desperately want one.  You could not have possibly been more doted on.  You are to be commended for escaping capture for so long.  They did not know a 1 year old Maltese mix could run circles around a backyard that fast.  I bet you did not expect that they would want to keep you.  Thank goodness for a common sense Mom who not only called us but suggested the girls walk you before they brought you home.

Welcome back.  And I think this is an excellent time to tell you that we have a two and a half hour private session with a no nonsense dog trainer tonight.  The holiday is over. We at taking back da house.

xo. Mommy

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Eschelle said...

very well written :) I really enjoyed the read!