Saturday, August 13, 2011


We had a week away in late July.  A cruise to Alaska.  We have cruised before, but not in 4 years. We found a great last minute deal. We paid for an 'obstructed porthole' and could not believe our luck when we were 'up'graded to an unobstructed porthole.

What they don't advertise is that the portholes are on the bottom floor of the ship. Which is perilously close to all the really noisy bits of the inner workings of the ship.  They also neglect to tell you that when you are on the bottom floor, they skip some optional cabin amenities.

Like proper mattresses.  We had two beds that were the approximate texture and feel of ironing boards.  And the other two were as soggy as that old couch that has been in your parents basement for three decades.

Also omitted was wall insulation.  It was pretty much like being in a curtained cubicle in an ER.  We not only could intercept conversations without a wiretap, we could hear our neighbour's TV, hear them sing, sneeze, burp, and in one case fart. I really wish I was exaggerating about that last bit. Jackson and I were also treated to the ecstasy of a couple TWO cabins away enjoying a mid-ocean-mid-afternoon-romp-in-the-hay.  Thank goodness the boy was absorbed in his Pokemon game on his Nintendo DS to ask too many questions.

But we did not make a bed all week,  Well, as Jackson pointed out,  we actually don't do that at home but our beds were actually made. Plus we did not have to make three different meals three times a day. Gotta love buffets!

Here are a few photos of our shipboard experience. (more photos on what we actually saw in next blog entry).
Bon Voyage from Seattle:  
Water slides were how we chose this ship.
Unfortunately, when you weigh 55 pounds or less, as our kids do,
you actually have to walk down the last halfof the slide.
Hot tub on the ocean. What is better than this???
I'll tell you what is better:
One guess who was first in line?
Okay, she had company:
Our wall-to-wall-to-ceiling family bed:
Jackson said the best thing about the trip was seeing the nightly towel animal:
So of course we attended a demonstration:
And as irrefutable evidence that cruise ships can make money out of anything,
we also own a DVD on how to make them.
Movietime in the cabin:
Pretty as a picture:

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