Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alaska. Or Bust.

Gorgeous view of Mount Baker.
We saw wildlife:
Amazing how friendly Alaskan bears are.
Here, they just want to eat our garbage.
Not too much to see there, but we turned souvenir hunting to a fine art.
A couple acquisitions.
In Juneau the thing-to-do is take a tram up Mt. Roberts.
We thought this would be a lovely family outing, until we discovered
it would be almost $100. And it was cold, rainy, wet and foggy and we
were not sure we would see anything when we got up there.
One of our party was more than a trifle obnoxious obstinate
impossible uncivilized and we did not feel like subjecting ourselves
to that much vitriol up in the air and pay for the pleasure.

But then the other of our progeny INSISTED on going up and
was willing to pay the whole shebang from her allowance.
So Husband and I hemmed and hawed whether we would rather:
A.) Go up a wet, damp and cold mountain to look into fog bank or
B.) go back to ship with a certain unnamed boy
(whose initials are J-A-C-K-S-O-N)
who had been banned from the only thing he considered
acceptable entertainment (his Nintendo DS). His reaction was
a constant stream of griping, punctuated only by temper tantrums.
I ended up on ship duty and pretty sure Husband owes me a drink.
He caught this picture:
Skagway was hands down my favourite stop. First of all,
it is unbelievably pretty:
Second, it wasn't raining:
Third, Husband found a playground and they played forever:
Fourth,  everyone was civil and smiling (including me):
The other exciting thing on Alaskan cruise is the glacier.
Green water. Hunks of ice:
It was kind of chilly so we found home base in the ship and
took turns going outside to snap pictures:
Most of the rest of the trip, was spent looking at water and trying to
decide where to have dinner and what to order.
Oh, and I got my pic taken with the grande Dame of Alaska.
Who knew she would hang out at Alaskan souvenir stores!

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Thomas Beyer said...

well written, Heather !

I did an intro dive trip when we went up with all the Friesen's and their extended clan 6 years ago .. try it !