Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Husband and I have been looking for a pool.  While our climate is moderate by many standards, we ventured that the investment would be worth it. The kids have been steadily taking swimming lessons and we are happy with their progress. This is a reward of sorts.

Today, finally, I found the perfect pool.  It has the features I was looking for.  Sturdy. Safe. And for fun, a slide.

The first step?
Fill the pool.
Owing to our grass watering restrictions (4 am to 9 am three days a week) and Husband's distaste of 4 am alarms he bought a fancy timer to sort the early morning watering.
But I can't figure out how to get water out of the hose. He is in New Jersey.
So we went old school:
Jackson said "it's like being in Africa".
Finnegan is ambivalent about the pool.
On the one hand, world's largest water bowl:
On the other hand, why am I standing in water when I hate baths?
All in all, a bit hit.
Well worth the investment of $29.99.

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