Friday, June 17, 2011

Slavery. And Love.

[a brief break from my Mom-centric grief posts]

Sydney: Mommy, I have my own personal slave at school.

Me: What do you mean?

Sydney:  P will do anything I want.

Me: Huh?

Sydney: Mommy,  it is not that I tell him "go do this" or anything. It just that I need something done P will do it for me.

Me: Well, that is not really being a slave.  It is more being a good friend.

Jackson:  Slavery is banned in our class.

Me: That is an actual rule? 

Jackson: Yes.

Me: I think Abe Lincoln would be disappointed to know that was necessary.

Jackson: Mrs. H made it a rule.

Me: Huh?

Jackson: N was lining up a whole bunch of people to be her slaves.  She said she would give them stuffies and candy.  So Mrs. H made the "no slaves" rule.

Me:  [speechless]

[the next day]

Sydney:  Mommy, are you the kind of mother that allows your daughter to fall in love?

Me:  At what age? Like seven and three quarters?

Sydney: Um, yeah.

Me: Who do you want to fall in love with?

Sydney: P. 

Me: What do you mean by "fall in love"?

Sydney: Mommy, it's not like we're going to date!

Me: Well, you're allowed to have a crush.

Sydney [fist pump]:  YES!!!!  P has a crush on me too.

Me: I figured.

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