Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Who Knew, There'd Be Days Like This ....

Husband: I have an important meeting next Tuesday afternoon.  Can we switch my work-from-home-day to another day so I can make the meeting?

Me: Sure, how about you stay home Monday, and I'll work from home Tuesday instead of Monday?

Husband: No ... another meeting.

Me:  Can't do Friday, it is a holiday. How about you work from home Wednesday?  But you'd have the four kids as I pick up the two extra boys on Wednesday.

Husband: It might work. I have another important meeting at 9:30 on Wednesday, but I could probably make it, assuming traffic is good.

Me: Or you can go in early on the train, I'll drive the kids to school. You can pick up the car from my parkade and pick up the kids. I'll work late and take the train home.

Husband: That would be better if you can swing it.

Me: Should I reschedule dog walker for Tuesday instead of Wednesday? Or do we need her an extra day?

Husband: I can get home in time to walk the dog.

Me: Oh and I have to reschedule my chiropractor appointment.

Husband: We're set then.

Me [checking Google calendar]: I see I have a Brownie parent meeting at 6:30, I can't make that without shortening my day. I wonder if that is important?

Husband [also consulting calendar]:  Is it a professional development day for the kids on Thursday?

Me: Crap.

Husband: I can't take the day off, I have an important meeting in the afternoon.

Me: Maybe I can drive into work on Monday, and work from home on Thursday?

Husband: Can you swing that?

Me: I will have to see if J can watch the kids Monday instead of Thursday, but that should work.

Husband: Oh, good.

Me:  And I will have to find someone to deliver the pizza to Jackson's class at school.

Husband: Can you do that?

Me: I can try.

Husband: Good.

Me: And I'll have to switch the dog walker to Monday.

Husband: Are you writing this down?

Me: And I'll have to arrange a car pool for Sydney for Brownies.

Husband: Can we recap this?

Me [big breath]: Our Thursday will be Monday which means I have to switch childcare, dog walker, find a pizza distributor replacement and a car pool to arrange for Brownies.  You have to be on the 4:20 train.  Our Wednesday will be Tuesday which means I have to switch my chiropractor appointment and the dog walker. Our Tuesday will be Wednesday except that you are going in early and I will work late and I have to sort out about the Brownie parent meeting and you have to pick up the car and be home to walk the dog and pick up the 4 kids. Our Monday will be Thursday with my working from home, and the kids off school.

Husband:  Got it.

Me: I, inexplicably, have a headache.

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Eschelle said...

I have a headache for you too!!