Saturday, April 30, 2011


I don't know anything other than sleep that separates us as a family. We all have different sleep issues.

I am the can't-fall-asleeper.  My mind wanders about the days activities, the stresses of the week to come, the outcome of a hockey game or the excitement of an upcoming trip.  I need a few hours of gradually decreasing activity to make a good go of falling asleep.  That is without the occasional bout of actual insomnia.

Husband falls asleep before he's ready to.  He usually straps on a CPAP ( for sleep apnea) machine (another sleep issue) and sometimes he falls asleep before the labourious work of filling with water and adjusting straps.

Sydney falls asleep before her head hits the pillow.  It is truly a gift she has. I am jealous of her every night.

Our midnight owl is Jackson.  He falls asleep after Husband some nights.  We have tried everything but melatonin IV drips to get him to sleep earlier.  He now has as his trademark visage permanent dark circles under his eyes.  Every once in a while I'll ask him if he's tired and he'll say "why does everyone keep asking me that?" as his teachers and other students have noticed Mr. Raccoon face.

Husband is our early-waker-upper.  He wakes in the early morning hours and never really recovers.

I am deeply in REM sleep in the early morning hours and only the promise of coffee can get me out of my slumber.

Sydney gets up easily IF (heavy foreshadowing music) she has had a good night's sleep. 

Jackson never had a good night sleep so won't get up easily unless there is a Christmas stocking, Easter basket or new release of computer game to look forward to.

We are all snorers to varying degrees. Of course the kids' snoring is adorable. Sydney used to snore as a newborn. I wish that I had taken movies of it. No one believes me now. 
Husband is our #1 light sleeper.  Of course when the kids were babies, Mother Nature gave me a temporary license in light sleeping just so I could hear them when they sighed at night. But I turned in that license years ago and returned to my normal state of medium sleeper (neither heavy nor light). I never have to worry about intruders as Husband would hear them when they crunched across the grass on our front yard.  Or when the kids wake up.

Jackson tends more toward light sleeping than heavy but I think it really mid spectrum. He has been known to complain about late night dog barking.

Sydney is our deep sleeper.  She has slept through a smoke alarm going off outside her bedroom, thunderstorms, dogs howling, power outages that mysteriously turn on her CD player.  The only thing she can't sleep through is when her little purple blankie falls off her bed and onto the floor.  She is obviously still 3/4 asleep because a normal person would reach to floor and pick up blankie. But she will get up and find Daddy, who is usually already awake and meets her in the hallwa,y for a two person blankie retrieval.

Sydney it turns out, should come with a warning label.  She is at Brownie camp. I got a call from one of the leaders at 8:00 a.m.  I was told not to worry, but they were wondering if Sydney was a deep sleeper and was hard to rouse?

Yes.  She's pretty groggy if she doesn't have enough sleep, I said.  I can confirm that Sydney did not get enough sleep last night.

They said she was "non-responsive" for 20 minutes.  And they called 911,  The ambulance came and checked her out.

She eventually woke up, after some panicked yelling and pinching.  She was asked where she was and she accurately replied:

"Lying on the floor of the bathroom at Brownie camp".

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