Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Things have been shifting in our house.  At first it was little things.

Jackson went a whole month without forgetting his planner or homework at school.  Then out of the blue he said "my library books are due today" as if it were the more natural thing in the world for him to remember that Thursday is his library day.

Sydney is not saying "do I have to brush my teeth AGAIN!!!!" every evening.  She is brushing them. Without a reminder. As if she suddenly understands that teeth-brushing is a lifetime twice daily responsibility.

And Sydney wants to come along to walk the dog.  She even offered to pick up poo. Jackson is reminding me to make sure the dog is secure when we leave the house and he pushes in the kitchen chairs so we don't find he sleeping on the kitchen table like the Queen of Sheba when we return home.

Then one day I said "can you guys get dressed?" on a Saturday morning.  And a couple minutes later I noticed they were actually dressed. With CLEAN underwear. 

Last Saturday, Husband and I tried to reclaim the upstairs landing which housed an impressive collection of semi-sorted clean laundry.  I said to Husband "what are we? the maids????".  Then I called downstairs "Kids, come help us clean up?".

Jackson said "Yah!! We're cleaning!!" Sydney followed and complied and we spent an hour on the housework together.  Jackson asked if we could do this every week.

Then, this week, two things happened to make me realize there is no way back. The kids are growing up.

Jackson woke up in the middle of the night and needed to throw up.  He did this entirely on his own.  In the toilet with no mop up needed.  I slept through the whole thing. Husband, cursed with light sleeping genes, heard him and just sent him back to bed with a pat on the back (and a bowl and towel. Just to be sure).

Then I received an email from Sydney last week:

Hi Mommy,

I was thinking maybe we could have a family diner I’ll ask the rest of the family member except for Finnegan and we could dress up in fancy cloths but I know if Jackson didn’t want to he wouldn’t have to dress up in fancy cloths and eat the same thing I’ll help clear the table just please say yes love Sydney.

If you excuse the appalling lack of punctuation, it is an impressive effort at communication.  Oh and the fact that is was sent from my home email to my work email. 

I replied with a brief  "I would love to!".  I thought that was an appropriately enthusiastic response that did not commit me to putting on a dress anytime soon.

She replied:

WHEN I ask when I would love to!! Doesn’t say the time and it could of bin in 2019 on nov .49 I would have gran children !!!.

How about Thursday 2011 Apr.21

I am in deep trouble. She knows about sarcasm.

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