Friday, April 22, 2011

Hopeless Romantic

Today Husband and I celebrate 11 years of running this outfit together.  Last year we celebrated 10 years by voting ourselves off the proverbial island and onto peaceful and serene Galilano Island:
 But you are probably wondering, because of the title of this post, which one of us is the hopeless romantic?
a) Him                              or                                       b) Me

Those of you that know us well know the answer is c) neither of the above.  It's this cheeky monkey:
I would be hard-pressed to say which one of us (Husband or I) has forgotten to buy a card for our anniversary or Valentine's Day more.  In fact last year, for our big 10 year celebration, I forgot to buy a card and I had to find one on the ferry.  Husband proved to be the more attentive spouse last year having purchased one.  They didn't have any anniversary cards in the ferry gift shop, so I re-purposed a wedding card. Which is so totally appropriate given that our anniversary is Earth Day. 

In the end, we forgot to give each other the cards and I think about two months later I was cleaning up a pile of stuff and came across the wedding-come-anniversary card and gave it to Husband. I don't know whatever happened to mine.  Neither of us takes any offense at such things.

But this year, this year, we had our own little anniversary planner. Sydney has been wanting to have a fancy family dinner.  Her brother has been labouring under a fever all week so her activities have been limited.  She zeroed in our anniversary as the object of her obsession and relentlessly pursued us to celebrate our  anniversary, fancy-family-dinner-style.  I felt like doing nothing less. 

But we grudgingly agreed that we could probably find time to clear off the kitchen table so all 4 of us could sit down and eat together.  While Husband went in search of steaks at the bottom of the freezer to marinade, and began the archaeological dig to uncover the kitchen table, I went out for wine and garlic bread, the 2 essentials of any family celebration.  I had got in the spirit of celebration and bought daffodils and special cookies for dessert.

We ate and enjoyed after having endured some very tense moments over the printed menus that was resolved with an old bottle of whiteout. No one mentioned my unpardonable sin of buying MULTIGRAIN garlic bread.  We listened to a CD, just so we did not have to eat to another rerun of Jimmy Two-Shoes (if you don't know what that is, consider yourself lucky). 

A slow song came on and Sydney said "you guys should dance".

"Someone would have to ask me" I said.

"Daddy, you should ask Mommy to dance".  She has a mischievous grin.

And so I put on True Companions by Marc Cohn, the song which John played when he proposed.
I guess we do have the odd romantic tendency. But I maintain, hardly hopeless.

Thanks for helping us remember, Girlie Goo.

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